MY Skills

Knowledge of Computer Science

In-depth understanding of computer science and all programming languages and ability to code.

New coin & token development

New coin & token development, maintenance, multiple platform wallet, trading & exchange platform, trading bot, block explorer and private blockchain for financial system.

Programming Language

Mastered in C, C++, C#, Python and Qt programming for desktop applications and familiar with multi operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, and its tools such as Visual Studio, XCode and QtCreator.

Framework Knowledge

Knowledge of most types of web and mobile frameworks based on PHP, Nodejs, Python, Java, including Laravel, Angular, React, Vue, Express, Django, React-Native, Ionic, Flutter, PhoneGap, Xamarin etc and especially eCommerce websites and mobile apps.

Problem solving skills

Ability to think creatively and find unique solutions to problems.

Excellent communication skills

Strong communication skills to effectively speak with people at any level of an organization from subordinates to supervisors



  • This platform is a web platform to manage Microsoft Project Tasks with multiple project managers and users.
    This platform has a website, windows admin application, Microsoft Project plugin.

    Skills: c#, c/c++, Azure, MsSQL, Project management, IIS server, EntityFramework, Database Engineering, javascript

  • * All the coins have block explorer, mobile wallet apps, windows/Ubuntu/MacOS wallet applications.

    Skills: PHP, python, blockchain, c/c++, PHP, HTML5, Python, ReactJS, NodeJS, MySQL, 3D Design, 2D Anmation, JavaScript Animation, Network Security

  • This project is a web platform for advertising service. A publiser can upload his advertisement on this platform and a user can view an advertisement to get money from the publisher. It has a web site and mobile apps.

    Skills: PHP, Advertisement, Laravel, ReactJS, React Native, MySQL, HTML5, Web Design, Javascript, Android, iOS.

  • This project has Windows/Ubuntu/MacOS, Android wallets. And it will have iOS wallet, web wallet, paper wallet, HD wallet.

    Skills:c/c++, blockchain, Android, iOS, SwiftX, JDK, NodeJS, Python, Network Security, ReactJS, HTML5, Javascript

  • This is a decentralized exchange platform and bank service platform in Singapore. It's based on bitshares. Almost all specs are similiar to bitshares.

    Skills: c/c++, python, reactJS, nodeJS, php, html5, Django, Laravel, Windows Driver, Android, iOS